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Natural healing begins with wonder and ends with exceptional performance

Understanding and treating sports injuries with herbal medicine is extraordinary and all-encompassing. As a Body Cure Specialist, Gannie has a unique treatment plan, also known as the Natural Authentic Rehabilitation Program [NARP].

An unique treatment plan encompasses a rich experience dedicated to becoming aware of your body, as dozens of top athletes have experienced. By completing the NARP, it is essential to ensure rest and abstain from excessive strain activities. This will prevent an invasive relapse upon recovery at competition level. This form of medicine and treatment is exceptional, with no limits to the use and composition of cures, elixirs, extracts, balms, various hydro-therapeutic spa baths and mental strength sessions. Taking responsibility for one’s own well-being and providing regular updates play an important role in this process.

Before working on a top performance, the focus will be on the whole to stimulate the healing capacity responsibly and effectively. While also evaluating how to improve physical condition and top performance level. However, if only the symptom is treated, the susceptibility risk of a relapse is greater.

Functional treatment method

Our physical and mental condition must be in top form to achieve a healthy and strong recovery, as each organism in our body contains a self-healing capacity and is more than matter. This is why I work from a view that body and mind are one. This is why I recommend that in the event of an injury or physical weaknesses, our body should go back to nature, whereby merely addressing symptoms and an almost impossible short treatment are not an element of my treatment method. In short, offering a NARP treatment plan will not involve curing the symptom, but rather how to eliminate the deeper cause of an injury. This will be achieved from various entry points whereby the internal human being will be controlled organically and externally. The aim of the NARP treatment is to serve and renew all internal mechanisms naturally with powerful natural sources.

To provide a restorative support program, an intake session will take place beforehand to carefully formulate a treatment plan. An NARP treatment plan consists of three treatment classifications;

  Regular [established] injury classification 1
  Long-term injury classification 2
  Terminal injury classification 3

 The NARP special service does not apply to classification 1
 The NARP special service applies for classification 2 & 3

1.  Regular injury
For the most common [sports] injuries that occur acutely such as sprains/distortions, hamstring injuries, muscle/tendon inflammations, fluid accumulation, etc. There is an increased risk of injury if the strain exceeds the athlete’s capacity. This treatment plan is short term and an attempt will be made to remedy the injury and restore the muscle function within a relatively brief period.

2.  Long-term injury
For [sports] injuries resulting in long-term immobility preventing active participation at competition level. A long-term injury requires a prolonged recovery period. The application of a natural authentic rehabilitation program is a responsible solution. This treatment plan generally runs for eight to sixteen weeks and may be adjusted based on interim updates to achieve strong recovery and top performance.

3.  Terminal injury
Terminal Injury is defined as a lingering injury that doesn’t return after various rehabilitation treatments. This deficiency requires a special natural authentic rehabilitation program that contributes to a healing and powerful result. The duration of the treatments will depend on the specific situation and will be diverse, intensive, goal- and result-oriented.
In the event of a positive revival, the process will be continued with responsible work being done on building up self-healing ability and sports performance.

Special rate
A special rate applies to a NARP treatment plan, taking into account a judicious and professional approach. The price indication will be based on the numbers of cure treatment [treatmentplan]. For this reason, the assessment and price indication for an injury is linked to treatment classification 1/2/3. Would you like to know more? On business days from 12:00 to 17:00 you can contact us by telephone or send us a message via whatsapp at +31 6 4841 4024.

Natural Authentic Rehabilitation Program

   Sport-related injuries & body disturbance
   Improve physical & mental performance
   Purifying & resetting the body
   Improve immune system
   Regulate blood circulation
   Optimize vitality  Strength & Power
   Mental strength sessions
   NARP Special Service

“An injury is not simply a process of recovery, it is a process of discovery”