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For urgent cases [nederlandse vertaling]

Do you live abroad and does your poor health prevent you from travelling, ”In exceptional cases” offers you the opportunity to enlist the help of Gannie BodyCure Specialist no matter where you live.

Gannie BodyCure is an authentic herbal therapist who utilises high medicinal herbs with medicinal properties to encourage an unbalanced and ill body to heal. Before focusing on a specific health complaint and pushing forward to apply an impressive cure, Gannie will first concentrate on the lifestyle, environment and potential other factors that impact the patient. A therapeutic method known as ”Chekro Taa” will be used for a holistic examination of how to restore equilibrium to the thoughts, feelings, wills and actions of the patient. Gannie also places primary focus on the immune system. Just as nature itself is fragile, the human body may also fall prey to silent but extremely harmful intruders when our immune system is not working as it should. This may be caused by;

  a chaotic lifestyle
  poor nutrition
  long and excessive use of: medication, vitamin supplements and mineral herbs
  insufficient sleep
  lack of interest or lack of awareness with respect to preventative cleansing of the body
  long (chronic) illness which undermines the immune system
  mental and domestic problems due to persistent pressure and stress
  energetic imbalance and negative influences
  unexplained physical symptoms

Therefore it is not surprising that our modern times harbour a multitude of illnesses/disorders/health complaints and internal assassins. This is due to the fact that the self-healing powers of our bodies are imbalanced and compromised. Put this knowledge to your advantage and experience nature’s healing powers by benefitting from Gannie’s assessment, expertise and extraordinary calling.

If your question is urgent, please fill out the booking form below as completely as possible:

 every request will be weighed and evaluated with the utmost care and discretion
  based on the information provided, an assessment will be made of how to best support or assist a family member, close friend or acquaintance and how many treatment days are necessary [3, 5 or 7 days]                                                                                                     
  The price agreement for my services, which includes the treatment itself, air travel and hotel expenses, will be sent by email within 5 days of your request
  If you have any additional questions before you receive comfirmation of your request? please send an email to or fill out the form below.

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